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კლუბის მართვა

Manage the entirety of your swim school, course,
class or semester with our software solution to
help your business streamline everyday tasks.

Sales Funnel Visualization
Lead Management
Follow Up
Real Time Results
Lead Campaign Attribution
Sales Commissions

Visualize and monitor each phase of the entire customer journey from beginning to end. With each state of the sales funnel's success calculated automatically, you'll be able to spot where the most drop-offs occur and quickly strategize on improvements.

Sales Funnel Visualization

ფიტნეს დარბაზების მარტივი მართვის და აღრიცხვის სისტემა საშუალებას მოგცემთ მარტივად აკონტროლოთ მომხმარებლების ბაზა, აწარმოოთ ონლაინ მათი რეალიზაცია და ზუსტი რეპორტი. ასევე შესაძლებელია დამატებითი კონტროლისთვის დაშვების სისტემის (ტურნიკეტი) გამოყენება. 


Simplified Sales Process

Simplify your sales pipeline with an organized workflow for managing leads that come into your fitness club. Make calls, log notes, follow-up and track sales commissions with ease.


Pipeline Management

We integrate with global payment providers to accept payments on the Mobile App, Client Portal, Point-of-sale application, or Kiosk. Take recurring credit card payments, cash, bank transfers, direct debit and more.


Compound Your Growth

What gets measured, gets managed. Understanding your monthly sales results on a detailed level allows you to improve on your sales efforts and continue your club's sales growth each month.

Even the most effective CRMs sometimes lack the simple clarity of a measured pipeline. With Perfect Gym's CRM you can get to know the sales cycle of your club easily and find holes in your sales funnel to be quickly remedied.

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